Solar pool heating will extend your swimming enjoyment beyond summer!

Pool water temperatures naturally vary from concrete to fiberglass, north to south, season to season and even from early morning to night. Throughout most of the year Sunlover Solar heating is effective in heating your pool.

We use Australian made Waterco Pool Pumps that offer a 2 year limited conditional warranty.

The use of Ascon Multi Solar Controller offers the following:
  • Easy operation
  • Winter/tropical modes
  • On/Off override
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Attractive design
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 2 Year warranty

10 year Warranty on swimming pool heating tubing (PVC)

Flexible or plasticised PVC Nitrile Premium Absorber tubing manufactured from chemical resistant polymer compounds for swimming pool heating. Through extensive research, the “10-tube” profiles gain maximum direct heat from the sun, as well as absorbing reflected and conducted heat from the roof. Our low profile designs are attractive, minimise shading of the tubing and allow secure bonding to the roof surface with good rain water drainage.

Installation can be completed during construction of home or commercial building or to existing dwellings.

Obligation free quote for supply and installation of your Solar Pool Heating by Solarvac-Solamagic or D.I.Y. kit may be purchased Trade enquires welcome

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